Family Picture

Family Picture

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Smiling Baby

Elijah really loves his big brother and sister. I can never get him to smile at me but Luke manages it almost all the time. We caught it on video this morning while playing in my and Paul's bed.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well Eli is offically my easiest baby. He sleeps the night almost every night, and when he doesn't he only wakes up once. He likes to just sit and watch everyone else while sitting on his boppy (Luke loved that too if I remember). He also loves to nurse - something neither of the other too even tolerated.

Thanks Eli for being so easy for me. I needed an easy baby.

He's cute so here's some pictures(thanks esther for taking the good ones). Also, some videos of the kids meeting him and right after he was born.


Liliana is probably the funniest person in our family. I swear she has 100 different facial expressions. I try to catch them on camera but it's rare. At the moment she is sitting reading a book and shouting "HOLY COW" at the top of her lungs. No idea what is so amazing but hey she's reading.
 Lily also LOVES to dance. She does it all the time, in the car, in the hallway and at home. She also likes to perform so here's a video to match.

Lily also Loves to tease Luke. I swear most of the time she just bugs him to pieces and then giggles (evily of course). One of these days she's going to get it from him. Mind he teases her just as much. It reminds me of that talk from Elder Holland talking about bedlamities. yep.. they're bot bedlamities.  Here's some cute pics of them both.

This video is from earlier in the month - the kids are playing in the snow and throwing snow balls at our cat Padme. Enjoy!