Family Picture

Family Picture

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Smiling Baby

Elijah really loves his big brother and sister. I can never get him to smile at me but Luke manages it almost all the time. We caught it on video this morning while playing in my and Paul's bed.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Well Eli is offically my easiest baby. He sleeps the night almost every night, and when he doesn't he only wakes up once. He likes to just sit and watch everyone else while sitting on his boppy (Luke loved that too if I remember). He also loves to nurse - something neither of the other too even tolerated.

Thanks Eli for being so easy for me. I needed an easy baby.

He's cute so here's some pictures(thanks esther for taking the good ones). Also, some videos of the kids meeting him and right after he was born.


Liliana is probably the funniest person in our family. I swear she has 100 different facial expressions. I try to catch them on camera but it's rare. At the moment she is sitting reading a book and shouting "HOLY COW" at the top of her lungs. No idea what is so amazing but hey she's reading.
 Lily also LOVES to dance. She does it all the time, in the car, in the hallway and at home. She also likes to perform so here's a video to match.

Lily also Loves to tease Luke. I swear most of the time she just bugs him to pieces and then giggles (evily of course). One of these days she's going to get it from him. Mind he teases her just as much. It reminds me of that talk from Elder Holland talking about bedlamities. yep.. they're bot bedlamities.  Here's some cute pics of them both.

This video is from earlier in the month - the kids are playing in the snow and throwing snow balls at our cat Padme. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun in DC

Washington D.C .has been a lot of fun for our family. It's really nice to be so close to so many tourist-y attractions. We live about 5 miles from downtown and about a 20 metro ride (forget about driving, seriously it'll take you an hour) to the national mall. The kids have had fun looking at the museums Luke especially enjoys the the Air and Space Museum in Virgina, it has his favourite fighter jet the SR-71 Blackbird - he was SO excited, we took several pictures (posted on the bottom). We all enjoy the Natural History Museum, Liliana is a little young still but she tries.
     D.C. is great because all of these sites are free, meaning we can go whenever and for short periods of time. We don't feel like we have to make a day out of it everytime and with 3 kids this is a blessing. The kids enjoy the metro ride so much that sometimes I think we should just spend the day riding it around the city and just pay the $1 or whatever it is to get into the station :)
     We also managed to finally get out to Gettysburg a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed seeing the civil war museum and battlefields. The kids weren't as impressed :) I was a little weirded out about how small the hills really are (maybe too much time in the mountains?) especailly since the history books talk so much about hte Union forces having a advantage because of the hill - what hill?? It was a good experience and again a perk of living on the east(ish) coast.

I hope to get some pictures up of these things but they're on Pauls phone so it'll have to wait until he can get them to me. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

My crazy week - Eli likes to make things fun

what a few weeks this has been

crazy, amazing, scary, insane. That's all I can say

Eli is here. His birth was quite an interesting experience to say the least. things had been perfect the entire pregnancy. I was having slight pain in my right side but the dr said it was just stretching pain and nothing to worry about. Then on the 26th of December, while Paul and I were trying to get our car out of impound (more on that in another time), I had a huge amount of blood while going to the bathroom. I freaked. We went home and the dr told me to see if I had contractions and if I did I was to go to Labour and Delivery.
So my contractions started at about 5 minutes apart then went to 2. So we went to the hospital. I was given meds to stop the labour and told I had a UTI, that the blood was only in the urine and i was not dilated at all. The blood stopped over the next few hours and things were fine.We had a fun weekend and then the excitement started on Sunday evening.

Paul went Home teaching and I finished cleaning up. My back was killing me (not abnormal for me) so i laid on the floor. By the time Paul got home I was in agony, i couldn't figure out why. There was no contractions but i was going to die. I googled it :) I figured I had a kidney stone, by my symptoms and that I had a supposed UTI. We went to the ER because I was screaming

Once at the hospital, they hooked me up to monitors, saw no contractions, baby was fine and i wasn't dilated.They gave me morphine, i've never been so happy to have drugs :) They did an ultrasound and told me that I had a 9 mm kidney stone (ouch, normally they are about 3 or 4 at most), but that it was in my kidney so it shouldn't really be causing any pain.

The baby was still doing fine. No contractions, strong heart beat and no dilation. I stayed on the morphine and sat in the hospital while the urologist tried to decide what to do. The normal treatment for kidney stones is radiation but you need a CT (not safe for pregnancy). They weren't talking induction yet, they said let's wait it out. That was the 31st.we celebrated the new year (joyful in the hospital) and my pain started to get better... okay..

Then the fun started ( I know it was already fun, right). 8 PM I get up to go to the bathroom and on the way back I start getting pain in my right side (not my kidney's like the pain had been before).I'm in too much pain to put the monitors to check Eli so they wait since they think it's just the kidneys still.
9:45 PM The excruiating pain starts  - i never hurt this bad, and I've experience it all i promise I start screaming, writhing around in pain, and generally freaking out - think the exorcist - the nurses have no idea what is wrong. this part got weird, My mind was clear sort of, I could nearly look down on myself and see what I was doing, but I couldn't control myself, another part of my brain was out of control... They give me morphine (double the normal dose) and it does NOTHING. My right side feels like it is tearing inside, and my back feels like someone has a knife in it. I'm praying with all my heart for someone to help me. They call the dr who starts bringing up induction in the morning, and treating with stronger meds until then... They give me the staydol (or whatever it was called)and I finally calm down. then they put the monitors on.... uh oh

The baby is in distress. His heart rate drops from 140 to 90. It won't go back up. It is moving around (normal) but wont raise to normal levels. They decide to do an emergency c section. by 11:44 PM Eli was born. I'm lucky that I had a good anesthesiologist ( he was able to give me a spinal 3 vertebrae lower than normal in a fused back - took him 4 hits but he did it) and i was able to be awake. They had me prep-ed by 11:38 and Eli was here within 6 minutes. He cried almost immediately - it took them FOREVER to tell me his gender, we hadn't found it out - but he was here and he looked great. He was 5 lbs 11 oz and 19.5 inches (considering he was 5 weeks early, that's impressive).

They sewed me up - took them forever and i didn't get to see him, that part was probably the hardest for me since I didn't even think that much about the baby, he was just there. I felt very disconnected from the whole experience. It went so fast. The room was cold, no one was really talking to me and i couldn't move.

They never did figure out what happened. Why I was in pain, why Eli was in distress, but I'm chalking it up to a miracle. If i hadn't started to be in pain they wouldn't have checked Eli for another 6 hours (they were only doing it every now and then since he looked so good and I was feeling better) he might not have survived the distress. But he's healthy. He didn't even have jaundice (amazing according to the drs) and the pedi said " he doesn't even know he's a preemie"

I had the CT scan and they found 2 stones, both over 1 cm .My kidney stones were removed on the 3rd (general anesthesia and a 40 minute surgery) with radiation and i had a stint placed (I get to have that removed next week - joy). We came home today (the 4th). Everyone is fine, thankfully but what I crazy week. Grateful to have my health and a healthy baby, this could have gone completely different, thank the Lord that it didn't.