Family Picture

Family Picture

Sunday, March 28, 2010

February 2010

February was pretty fun. We were all sick of the cold and snowy weather but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Our playgroup had a Valentine's Party. The kids all decorated cookies. Luke got frustrated with me for taking pictures...
Luke got a little bored one of the days and decided to dress up in a hospital gown, take all the pillows of the couch and jump on the couches base. He had fun... I thought it was hilarious.
Couple more things we did to occupy our time...

Cooked Mince Pie....

Threw Tantrums

Did the Dishes

Put ourselves in TimeOut (it's a new past time)

Overall we had a fun month. Hopefully winter will be over soon (it's getting there) and we can play outside some.

Sorry Sorry... It's been a while

Okay... Let's see February and March...

Lots of things have happened over the last few months. The last week of January we found out that I am pregnant again. We're pretty excited about it. I'm due October 9th 2010. That means I'll be pregnant the entire summer... yuck. I told my friend Rachel last year that I thought that October/September was the worse due date since you're pregnant all summer - looks like Murphy got me there :-D This pregnancy has been more difficult than Luke 's - I've been extremely nauseous and tired. I can't figure out what to eat - it changes from one moment to the next. The weirdest one was wanting sour food - i found sour starbrusts and then I wanted sweet and sour chicken so we drove 25 minutes to get Panada Express. It was pretty funny. So far I've not gained any weight. I'm still in regular jeans which is really nice. I'm interested to see how that all goes. Luke has informed me that the baby is a "baby bruder". I think it's funny that he then told Paul that the baby is a "gil". We'll see in May.

We told our parents we were pregnant by getting Luke to wear a shirt (we sent pictures to Paul's parents and saw my parents in person) that said big brother in training... here's the picture.

And Back...
We went to Utah for Emily's (my 3rd youngest sister) baptism. It was great to see everyone. Luke had a blast with all the kids. He was wonderful on the planes. He spent most of the time playing with the armrest and tray table. Paul wasn't as impressed :-D The flight attendants were all really nice. They convinced the pilot to let us go in the cockpit when we got to the gate. We took some pictures..
Luke had a WONDERFUL birthday. He is now officially two even though he has been saying he's two for several months - hand gestures included. We got him a train set for his birthday and he's been playing with it none stop since Friday. It's cute. We had a party on Friday. That was a lot of fun. He thought it was awesome that everyone kept saying happy birthday. It was a tiring day. 7 two/three year olds is always crazy. :-D Luke also learned that he likes cupcakes... see pictures..

This is Luke's friend Stetson"giving him a hug"

Paul's mom gave Luke a bed set - it's pretty darn cute. He's pretty excited to be in a big boy bed too. I'm amazed how well he's done. He doesn't get up out of bed and stays in his room until either Paul or I tell him to get up... he's a great little boy. Here's the room pictures.