Family Picture

Family Picture

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 Weddings and a funer.... I mean family reunion

It's been one of those vacations again.
Luke, Lily and I left Cleveland June 24th. We stopped in DFW to see my best friend, Megan, for a few hours then headed to Utah.
June 30th the 3 of us plus my mom and my little brother, Matthew, started our suicide drive to Calgary. We spent 1.5 days there for my cousin Richard's wedding, and then drove home. I did learn that Luke has no issue with strangers, he stayed with my aunt's friends and couldn't have cared less that I left him there for 6.5 hrs. We then drove back to Willard (a 12 hr drive) starting Sunday morning and got back just in time for the Willard firework show for 4th of July.

The fireworks are excellent. Willard has an awesome show. Luke was hilarious. While they did a testrun he happened to be in a porta potty. He nearly fell in and was officially scared :) He then spent the next 45 mins while we waited for the show to start hiding under a blanket in my life. He kept saying, "I don't like fireworks, they are scary". I thought I was going to have to take him back to the house. So the show starts. Luke is sitting there with hear plugs in, his hands over his ears and a blanket over his head. He then starts to watch and smile at the show, he then turns to me and says, "are there going to be any fireworks momma?". I tell him these are fireworks and he is like, "oh... these aren't scary". He climbs off my lap and starts watching on the floor. It was really funny.

After the 4th we spent the next 5 days planning and getting ready for Simon's wedding. Congrats to Simon and Chrissy. I'll try and get some pictures up of my kids, they were really cute at both weddings. We left my parents house in Willard and we are now at Paul's parents house for a week for the Tippetts' family reunion. It should be a lot of fun. Luke is currently outside wrestling Grandpa in the garden. He's going to be a dirty tired boy this entire week.

Meanwhile, while Luke Lily and i were gone. Paul moved us into a new house, across the street. I'll also take some pictures and post them once we get home and unpacked. I told Paul not to since men lose things:) (plus he had finals and I'm a nice wife)

Here are some pictures from the trip

Matthew and Luke being silly on our crazy drive

Luke is worn out

Luke fishing

Luke is fishing somemore

Liliana is worn out