Family Picture

Family Picture

Sunday, June 6, 2010

MAY!! Girls, fun and sun.

Wow I'm really behind on this, how on earth does everyone manage to post so often?? Anywho... let's see....

May was a fun month, I had my first ultrasound and we found out that the little one is a girl!!! YAY for girls.... Paul's mom and my mom are a little excited to say the least. In Paul's family there is only one other girl and 7 boys and so this girl is something to talk about. My brother's don't have any kids and so my mum is just excited to get to get stuff for babies again :)

Luke is still calling her "sock" but I think we may be able to convince him that another name may be more appropriate. He loves to blurt my belly and give his little sister kisses... he is such a sweet kid when he wants to be. He has also started to change his teddy's "diapers" - let's hope he's this helpful when this little one gets here in 4 months. Wow... i can't believe how much faster this pregnancy has gone in comparison to Luke's. I'm now 6 months along - i feel huge and can't find anything to wear - stupid maternity stores don't sell petite clothes.. .grr...

Here are a few of her Ultrasounds - she is a wiggley one so we don't have too many.

her hand - she waved though most of the ultrasound, open and closed ...

typical profile picture

Whole body - cute, cute.. i'm just excited she's all there. :)

What else other than baby girl Tippetts??? Oh Paul finished his first year in law school - YAY!!! I was so happy to have him home for a few weeks and Luke wouldn't let him out of his sight, I thought it was cute. Paul, not so much. Paul has now gone back to work for the first few weeks of the summer, he's working at a non-profit part of a medium size law firm here in Cleveland and really enjoying it. The plan is to then go and study at Oxford for the rest of the summer which means...

We're all going to ENGLAND!! I'm so excited. Paul and I got to go and visit a few years ago but it was such a fast visit that we didn't even get to London. Paul is going to be there for 5 weeks and I'm going a little later and will be there for 3 (stupid work). It's going to be a lot of fun and we're excited to see family and friends. It's also making the time feel like it's flying by - by the time I get home I'll only have about 8 weeks until our little bump is born :)

Summer in Cleveland is amazing.. i need to take more pictures - i'm horrible at charging the stupid camera - but i did get some from this weekend, i get Paul to upload them later. We've been able to go to the beach and a few parks over the last month and it's been awesome. Not too hot, not too cold, green and pretty. I'm happy. Luke is also likely being outside more and playing with his friends - our downstairs neighbour girl and a little boy across the street and then a few more a little further away. He has fun. He even knows everyone's name and surprised me this week by telling me all of his friends' parents' names... i was amazed. Smart kid.

Well that was our month - I'll try to get better at writing more and i'll find some cute pictures of Luke and pretty ones of Cleveland to put up...

Amy XX

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