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Family Picture

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This must be a record. 2 posts in a week :)

So since I spent the last 45 minutes updating the look of our blog I decided it would be a good idea to actually write something.

This week Luke and Liliana had their well child checkups. They are both super happy/healthy and good kids. Luke is FINALLY 30 lbs, don't forget people he is 3. Since the new car seat recommendations say "backwards facing until 30 lbs" this is quite an achievement, mind you he's been forward facing for 2 years... oops. He's growing though so that is GREAT. He's probably never going to be that big, but that's okay, he is a little bully so he holds his own.

Liliana is quickly catching up to her brother, she is 18.2 lbs and 27 inches. It's lucky too since Luke likes to sit on her. I'm gonna have to buy that girl a toddler car seat that I can turn backwards, she is too big for the infant seat. At least I didn't buy the seat new, it was Luke's. I'm also glad that I am using cloth diapers as it means I don't have to keep changing sizes (trust me it's annoying to have a whole bunch of size 3 diapers that don't fit anyone), my cloth diapers are one-size-fits-all... we'll see if that is true for a chunky Lily-bug.

This weekend Paul went to Raleigh, NC for some job interviews. Paul and I have decided that Raleigh is where we would like to move when we are done with school - although that feels like an eternity away to me. It was difficult for him to be gone but hopefully something will come of it, and he'll have somewhere to work this summer. He loved the city and the weather, but anything is better than Cleveland in both areas - trust me. It was finally warm this weekend but then mother nature decided that was just a joke and the temperature dropped 40 degrees over night. Don't get me wrong Cleveland has some beautiful places and nice qualities about it but there are some things that drive me nuts. That will have to be another post since it might take a while.

Paul is also finishing up his semester. He takes finals in 2 weeks time and then will hopefully go to Raleigh. If not we plan on having him get a job in Cleveland and then take some classes (it will make his workload in Fall/Spring easier). He has also been elected as a Student Senator, which will take up some time but will get him involved in school more. He's pretty excited about it, but those who know Paul know that Student Government is something he likes.

I think that is all that has happened this week. I have to talk in church on Sunday so I need to plan that, anyone have any ideas what to speak on in regards to modern-day pioneers?

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