Family Picture

Family Picture

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wow Time flies.

I can't believe how bad I am at blogging. I just never seem to get around to it, it's always on my to-do list but it still doesn't get done.

Liliana is now 6 months old. She's pretty much crawling, although she's much better at going backwards than forwards. She has the hugest attitude in a 6 month old that I've ever seen. She shouts at you if she doesn't get her way, her pediatrician thinks it's pretty funny. She is a beautiful girl, everyone keeps telling me her eyes are huge and that she should be a model, but I'm pretty sure that field is not worth the time involved for the pay you receive. Here's a picture of the little princess eating her first solid food.

Luke is also getting too big for his boots. He turned 3 last week and is now a "big boy" and is going to "grow tall and be just like daddy". He's a rascal but he sure is cute. We've been working on doing family home evening with him, but I didn't think anything was sticking. I learned differently today. He has informed me (after a lesson on the prophet and watching general conference) that his dinosaur is called "Thomas Monson" (That's the prophet's name to all those who don't know). I thought it was hilarious. He wants to send "Thomas Monson" a card and a dinosaur. I think he'll find that amusing :-D 

Here's the boy playing with in Liliana's car seat. He thought it was great.

Paul is finishing up his 2nd year in law school and I know I'll be glad when next year is over. Law school takes up so much time and energy. There is always something to be doing so it feels like he is studying all the time or could be. Paul is currently in Raleigh, NC at some job interviews. We're hoping to move there when Paul is finished school. Let's hope and pray it goes well. Law is a weird field, the job you have during the summer before you graduate impacts your future employment which is why these jobs are so far from home. He'd be over 10 hrs away from me and the kids over the summer - sounds like fun huh. 

I'm studying to take the GRE right now. FYI: it's the exam you take in order to get into a graduate school. I am enrolling in Denver University School of Law to get a Master's in Legal Administration. I will have the ability to run a law firm when I am done, and since owning a law firm is the longterm goal of the Tippetts' Family, this sounds like a grand idea. I'm pretty excited. Although fall is going to be a little crazy with me as a full- time grad student, Paul as a full-time law student and Luke in halfday preschool. We'll have fun, right?

So the last few months has been interesting for me. I've all of a sudden got onto this green/thrifty living kick. I've found a bunch of women on the message boards ( and decided that green/thrifty living is something I like to do. So as my best friend, Megan, says, I'm a hippy (I'm not so sure, but oh well). - I use cloth diapers, I make my own baby food, my own dishwasher soap, I buy organic laundry soap, I use dryer wool balls instead of dryer sheets, and I recycle everything, I'm going to try homemade toothpaste and shampoo and soap. It's kind of funny for those who have known me for a while, b/c it seems out of character for me. But it's fun and VERY cheap. 

I've also picked up crafting. I like to make random things. I made a growth chart out of spare wood i found on the side of the road and am refurbishing a bunch of frames, and my dining table and chairs (pictures when they are all done) and I scrapbook, crochet and sew. Where did Amy Gray go?? I know that when I was at BYU I said I'd never be one of those moms. It must be contagious. 

Well see you next time. Hopefully I'll get this done more often than every 6 months. 

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Megan said...

Love the shout out... I just want to clarify--you called yourself a hippie, and I support it! ;)

I'm excited you are trying all the stuff first, I'm sure I'll slowly convert!