Family Picture

Family Picture

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Liliana Turned 1, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

I know this post is a little late coming - nearly 3 months in fact - but things got a little busy, the camera broke, and the blog went to the sideline.

Liliana turned 1 October 1st. I can't believe how much the time flew by. She already has an affinity for clothes and so that is mostly what she got as her birthday presents. The pictures are below. Thank you to everyone who got her something. She started walking during October, steps here and there. By the time Nana and Grandad came to visit in November she was nearly a pro. She is now a toddler who loves to get into things.

Halloween was a bit of an adventure. I decided to make most of the costumes. Luke was baby jaguar from the TV show Go Diego Go! and Paul was his friend Diego. Lily and I were leopards that Diego was rescuing. All in all it turned out pretty well. We only got 1 picture since the camera got broken (thanks Luke). We celebrated Halloween 4 times this year. We had a ward party with the trunk or treat, our friends had a wonderful party, I won tickets to the local expo center's trick or treat fest, and Paul and Luke went trick or treating on Halloween night (lily was sick, so we stayed home). Surprisingly after all that we didn't have that much candy (but that might have been because i kept giving it away to other kids :) )

My parents and littlest sister, Olivia, were able to come visit the beginning of November, which was a lot of fun. My kids really enjoyed seeing them as well. Olivia was even peer pressured by lily into trying to walk (she was being a slow poke, 18 months and not trying :) ). Livvy figured it out just after she went home.

Thanksgiving was GREAT!! We always stay in Cleveland and usually have a get together with friends. This year, a wonderful neighbor and I thought doing it with as much of the ward as wanted too would be fun. We ended up with about 25 people for thanksgiving dinner at the church. It was a success. Canda is amazing and planned it perfectly :)

Here's some pictures of these activities.

Lily eating her birthday waffles

Lily and her birthday cake

During said Cake



Luke and a cat at the trick or treat street


 Luke's Thanksgiving decorations

 Thanksgiving dinner (after most people had started eating, i forgot to take a picture)

 My Handsome 'Big' Boy

 My Beautiful Baby Girl

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Jessica said...

Dang it how did I just find out about your blog?! Glad to be able read up on you guys without having to stalk you on facebook from Ryan's account. (Which is what I was doing when I found this blog address!)