Family Picture

Family Picture

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 2011

We had a fun month. My nana Gray and my Aunty Barbara came in for a visit. We visited some of the sites around Cleveland (including the LDS Kirtland Historical sites down the road). Nana and Barbara spoiled us rotten and we all had a fun time. It took Liliana a little while to warm up to them - in fact for the first few days she screamed every time I was out of sight, she got over it and as you can see in the pictures she started to like everybody.

Luke started school and is still liking it as much as he did the first day. He has been exhausted when he gets home, which is sort of a nice change. Luke also started in a football/soccer league. He is a little ball hog but he had fun which was the point. He is number 9 - something I was exciting about since number 9 is frequently the striker on the team :). His first day he got REALLY muddy. They had the little kids on the muddiest field in the area, it was really a mud bath - not really sure how to get cleats clean, oh well, mud is good for kids. He scored twice, they may or may not have been in his own goal but that is beside the point. He has been telling everybody about his goals so it's not important. Hopefully he continues to enjoy the game because I much prefer soccer to American football (not that I don't enjoy watching football, i just don't want my son getting killed while playing a sport).

1 muddy soccer star

Liliana has decided walking isn't too hard after all. She took several stpes the other day in order to get her binkie from me. She is a binkie kid for sure, she HAS to have it at night and she likes to have it during the day. In fact, Lily just likes things in her mouth in general. I swear there is not a thing she doesn't like to eat. She eats more than Luke and I combined. She's getting chunky but it's cute on a 1 yr old... wow she's nearly 1.

My Chunky Monkey

For me - I redid my dining chairs. So I got these chairs from a friend of mine who was moving away. They had cream seat coverings (uuhh, not good with kids) and they were REALLY dirty. So i had been looking for some material to cover the chairs with. So one day I was at a mall and needed a trash can for lily's stinky diaper. I opened the dumpster that was outside crate and barrel and found a TON!! of fabric (there was nothing in the dumpster except fabric and broken dishes). I pulled out the fabric and someone had thrown away over 6 yds of material. It was beautiful - not a mark on it - and great quality (in fact i googled the brand - $50 a yd). So... i redid my chairs in this pretty red stripped fabric... Pics below.



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LafeNLacy said...

Oh my gosh! Lily is getting so big. I can't believe she's nearly 1! We miss you guys so much. Congrats on starting your master's program. I'm totally impressed. You'll be awesome! And the chairs look awesome -- super score on the free fabric.